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FTM Phalloplasty Surgeons

Dr. Kathy RumerDr. Kathy Rumer

Dr. Rumer is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specializes in gender reassignment surgery. Based in the Philadelphia area, Dr. Rumer is the ideal choice for trans men seeking Abdominal or Groin Flap Phalloplasty. Read more »

Dr. Narendra KaushikDr. Narendra Kaushik

Dr. Kaushik is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon based in New Delhi who performs various methods of FTM Phalloplasty. He operates on trans men from India as well as from abroad. Dr. Kaushik is the founder and director of Olmec, the first centre of its kind in India that is certified by the IBMS. Read more »

Dr. Kamol PansritumDr. Kamol Pansritum

Dr. Kamol Pansritum is recognized as one of the most experienced GRS Surgeons in the world, having completed over 15,000 gender reassignment surgeries and related surgical procedures for both trans men and women since 1997. Dr. Kamol offers three different types of Phalloplasty: Combined ALT/Forearm, Radial Forearm and Fibula Flap. Read more »

Dr. Loren SchechterDr. Loren Schechter

Dr. Schechter is an award-winning surgeon who offers RFF and MLD Phalloplasty in Chicago. Dr. Schechter's outstanding surgical skills, plus more than 13 years of experience performing Gender Confirmation Surgeries, make him an excellent choice for trans men seeking microsurgical Phalloplasty. Read more »

Dr. Curtis CraneDr. Curtis Crane

Dr. Crane is a reconstructive urologist and plastic surgeon who performs FTM phalloplasty and related surgeries in San Francisco, California. He is the only surgeon in the world who is trained as both a plastic surgeon and urologist and has completed fellowships in both reconstructive urology and SRS. Read more »

Map of Surgeons

Below is a list of surgeons from around the world who perform phalloplasty.

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