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FTM Phalloplasty Pictures


These phalloplasty photos are graphic in nature and should be viewed by an adult (18+) audience only.
Dr. F. G. Bouman Phalloplastiek NL - 2011, 2012, 2013 - Phalloplasty experience blog
Dr. Pierre Brassard Phalloplasty 2001 Photos
Dr. Curtis Crane Photos of many RFF and ALT phalloplasty results, 2013-2015.
Dr. Paul Daverio Daverio Phalloplasty Pics - Berlin, Germany. Also see article from Spiegel Online Magazine, July 27, 1999.
Dr. De Haas De Haas Phalloplasty Pictures - Dr. De Haas is based in Alberta, Canada. He is no longer offering phalloplasty surgery.
Dr. David Hunter-Smith The Gender Centre - Phalloplasty pictures and journal from a trans man who underwent FTM radial forearm phalloplasty in Melbourne, Australia in 2000.
Dr. Stan Monstrey Monstrey Phalloplasty Pictures 1 - Pictures 2 - Photos from patients of Dr. Monstrey, Gent, Belgium
Dr. David Ralph & Dr. Nim Christopher Phalloplasty arm scar at 34 months post op
Dr. Jirí Veselý Veselý MLD Phalloplasty - 8 weeks post-op & 9 months post-op - Veselý Phalloplasty 2 - Dr. Veselý practices in Brno, Czech Republic.
Dr. Neal Wilson Wilson Phalloplasty Pictures - Detroit, MI, USA.
Various TransBucket - Find FTM phalloplasty photos, as well as pictures of post-operative results from other FTM surgery procedures.
Unknown More Phalloplasty Pictures - Unknown surgeons, various techniques.

Dr. Narendra Kaushik - FTM PHalloplasty India


Hip/Groin Flap Phalloplasty Results

Groin (SCIP) Flap Phalloplasty
Photo by Genusfotografen ( & Wikimedia Sverige (, CC BY-SA 4.0,


Last updated: 04/12/17